Team: Halcyon, Anne, Stephen.

We met at Street Connect where we prayed together with the volunteers after dropping off the food from Marks. It was a stormy night as we moved through the city centre in the wind and rain. We met a male at the Arch who took some provisions from us before we moved into Gordon Street. We met M and a female outside Greggs, gave them food and some warm clothing before praying for both of them. We also spoke to a female across the road who also took some soup and food from us. We moved into Argyle Street where we met A in some distress as her friend had deserted her and she felt alone and vulnerable. We spent some time with her supporting her to contact a friend using my phone, after which she felt much relieved as we gave her bus fare to get away from the city centre. I was approached by two menacing youths while with her and was thankful to God for His protection during this encounter. We moved along visiting St Enoch then further along Argyle Street meeting S, sleeping in a doorway. We were able to help him with food, clothing and a bivvy- bag before moving up Buchanan Street where we spoke to two females and two males before encountering an individual male standing at the Concert Hall doorway. We engaged with A for some time as he told us he had been thinking about Jesus and the cross for some time. He was glad to invite Christ into his life by praying with us, which was a great and glorious way to end the night, soaked through but rejoicing in another lost soul being reconciled to God. Thanks to all prayer partners. We had some significant meetings with people looking for rehab opportunities so hopefully we will be able to follow through on them this coming week. Love Stephen and team.