Team: Stephen/Jenny/Holy Spirit.

We moved into the Arch and met three males one very well known to me whom we are helping into rehab at the moment and he asked for a sleeping bag so we arranged to meet him back at the cafĂ© later on. Moving along Gordon Street we spoke to M and another male praying with M for some time as it seems he had relapsed. Under the bridge in Argyle Street we comforted two females one very well known to me. We prayed for one and were joined by a male also well known to me from past encounters. He had an attempt on his life and was really traumatised so we spent time trying to comfort him also. We gave out soup and warm clothing as we moved along into Argyle Street and back up Buchanan Street where we had prayed for a male in Pret where we receive our food from for the evening. We were really busy comforting a male in a wheel chair known to the Lord whom we visited twice as he needed first aid due to a finger injury. We also gave him some warm clothing and prayed healing over his entire body as God had healed him before through our prayers. We finished the night rejoicing in God’s goodness and favour over the ministry inside and out with Pastor Ola.

Thanks to all prayer partners. Stephen and team.