We began the night at the Street Connect Café in Cathedral Street where we met the team for prayer for the people coming and those we would meet out on the city streets. We met M at the Arch where we were able to encourage him and value his efforts to make positive choices in his life. We gave him irn bru and some food from Pret. Moving along Gordon Street we met A begging and again we were able to encourage him as we listened to his news about his new resettlement programme. We spent some time listening to J a female known to us outside Central Station where we also met M, a female Romanian who allowed us into her life briefly to pray with her. We also gave her some food and a cold drink but her response to us was very encouraging as she told us her parents had brought her up to believe in Christos.

We then moved under the umbrella where we met C and J another two Romanian women sitting begging. Both were very warm and open to us as we gave them some food and J asked for prayers for her two young children just two and one years of age. We spent some time with P, a male well known to us who had just come out of hospital having nearly died from an overdose. He informed us it had taken eight doses of naloxone to bring him round in the ambulance. We felt and urgent need to lead him to Christ right there and then and he responded by inviting Jesus into his heart followed by an invitation to the Holy Spirit also to come. How we thanked God for this divine appointment with him.

We met W at Princess Square sitting alone in his blue sleeping bag. He had a fractured jaw and was struggling with suicidal thoughts, self harming and epilepsy so we spent time rebuking all three and releasing God’s healing power into him. He took a New Testament from us and Halcyon also gave him a bivvy- bag for use later on to keep him dry. Our hearts were deeply touched by his needs as we ministered to him as he had a lovely receptive spirit. We met another Romanian male on the return to the outreach café who took some food and a drink from us. We returned thanking God for His protection and the blessing and honour of serving Him throughout the night. Next outreach will be Saturday August 24th, meeting 7pm at Street Connect Café Connect 340-348 Cathedral Street Glasgow city centre. If you would like to become an outreach volunteer with me for Street Connect come in and sign up on a Tuesday or Wednesday 9-4 address above, we particularly need more female volunteers through the week and the training is excellent. Thanks to all praying, Stephen and Halcyon.