Team: Frank, Stephen, Holy Spirit.

We met at Buchanan Galleries for some coffee and fellowship before moving into the city centre to share the love of Christ with the people there waiting for us. We made our way along the Clyde to the City Mission where we met Matthew and Daniel and had some fellowship and something to eat before heading back into the city centre.

We met M under the railway bridge in need of a sleeping bag so I arranged to hand one over next week as she cannot walk due to severe leg pains. We spoke to S, a friendly Romany female in Argyle Street and gave her a Romanian leaflet about Street Connect and our services. We stopped to speak to A and G further along and saw that G had new boots to replace the boots we had given him some months ago and news that he has an opportunity for a new flat in the near future. We met D begging outside Marks and he spoke for some time explaining how he hated having to beg and was hoping to move back to Drumchapel soon to be near his family. We checked along the Clyde again as it was very busy with people walking and many sitting on the grass verge by the roadside but thankfully all was quiet although we also noticed a new shrine to somebody who had recently taken their own life by the riverside. We noted at least two sites being used by rough sleepers on our way to the Mission. All in all we had a great afternoon together serving the Lord and the needy in the city centre and visiting the City Mission where we were made very welcome which was great for Frank as it had been his first street outreach. Thanks to all praying for us. Stephen and team.