Team: Susie, Stephen, Holy Spirit

We met at Street Connect where Ian had turned up not knowing the café was still closed for refurbishment. We spoke to him for a little while, prayed together then moved to Pret to collect some food for the night. We moved down Buchanan Street and met four males giving them soup and sandwiches. One requested a new sleeping bag so I gave him our leaflet and advised him to come and see us Tuesday at Street Connect for the bag and some fresh clothing his name was W.

We met D by St Georges Tron and gave him soup and sandwiches before moving down towards Gordon Street. We found a male lying face down on the ground surrounded by public who had phoned for an ambulance so Susie attended to him as the police and ambulance arrived, thankfully he was still breathing as they took him aboard the ambulance. It was great to have Susie use her medical skills as we worked together to help him. Moving along we gave food and drinks to another male on the corner of Union Street before crossing over to Central Station where we served another male and spent time with J, a female known to us. We moved down Hope Street to meet T a male with mental health issues whom we were able to comfort and pray with. It was great to hear him speak about the help he gets from Glasgow City Mission.

We moved under the Umbrella on Argyle Street and gave soup, juice and food to three males one being T, known to me. We offered more food to another five males further along but they didn’t need anything so we moved across the road to where M sat begging and spent some time with him praying together and releasing words of destiny over his life. Susie had not met him before and it was great to see the Holy Spirit anointing her with words of knowledge and wisdom to comfort and encourage this mighty brother in so much distress at this time in his life.

We moved along Buchanan Street and met C and A with Miley the dog and spent time with them before meeting W with his head down so we blessed and encouraged him with destiny words and anointed his head with Christ’s love and affection. We entered the Arch and met G who needs size 12 boots and we were anointed to bless and encourage him in his faith on the city streets. I promised him size 12 boots from Street Connect next week if we have any of that size in the store room. This was our last encounter for what had been a very busy, satisfying and anointed night. Thanks to all prayer partners and followers we simply cannot do what we do without your prayers. Next outing will be Saturday June 22nd meeting at Street Connect at 7.30 pm God willing. Please contact me if you are coming out to help. God bless one and all.