Team: Michelle, Stephen, Holy Spirit.

The city centre was noisy and wild all night full of supporters celebrating after the cup final, the police and emergency services were everywhere, it was going to be a hectic, busy night for all concerned.

We moved down to Gordon Street via Pret who had given us provisions for the night but we also had soup, irn bru, chocolate, rolls and some clothing with us. We stopped to give out soup and food to around twelve men and women on the streets as we moved into Argyle Street for our two main encounters for the night both involving emergency services. We found J, a female lying on the street and decided to call for an ambulance an ambulance as she was slipping in and out of consciousness after having taken street Valium and she also told us she wanted to die. The ambulance came quickly and we waited with them for a while as they attempted to get her to hospital but she would not go so they had to leave her after checking she was not in danger of death. We moved along Argyle Street and found a woman with a severe back spasm unable to walk or move along with her three daughters so we were able to flag down the same ambulance who kindly stopped and gave her first aid and took them to a taxi stop to get them home to Motherwell. These two encounters had taken up most of our time so we moved back up Queen Street to get Michelle home on her train to the West End. We had given out most of the food from Pret, soup, rolls, chocolate and one hat and a pair of gloves. We were grateful to God for His protection as the city centre was really loud, lively and aggressive. We thanked the Lord for the kindness and willingness of the ambulance people who helped us out twice as we worked with them to help needy people on the city streets. Next outing will be Saturday 8th June Street Connect at 7.30pm.