Welcome to Glasgow Street Outreach. Our mission is to help and serve the homeless within Glasgow and to guide people of all backgrounds into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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GSO/SC Saturday February 29th 2020…

Team: Halcyon, Anne, Stephen. We met at Street Connect where we prayed together with the volunteers after dropping off the food from Marks. It was a stormy night as we moved through the city centre in the wind and rain. We met a male at the Arch who took some provisions from us before we […]

GSO/SC Sat January 18th 2020

We had a really busy night with five staff on board but we were joined by the homeless street team raising funds through the three night sleepover. They arrived just after 8pm, around a dozen in total and it was great to welcome them, feed and water them and hear some of their stories. Marks […]

GSO/SC Saturday December 7th 2019…

Team: Jenny, Stephen, Holy Spirit. It was a horrendous night of heavy rain and wind but still people came out begging on the streets. Both the café connect and streets would see people being fed and cared for on the night. We had soup, rolls and the desire to give broken people much hope through […]

GSO/SC Saturday November 16th 2019

Team: Stephen/Jenny/Holy Spirit. We moved into the Arch and met three males one very well known to me whom we are helping into rehab at the moment and he asked for a sleeping bag so we arranged to meet him back at the café later on. Moving along Gordon Street we spoke to M and […]


The last two joint outreaches have occurred on the premises of Glasgow City Church Café Connect at 340-348 Cathedral Street. We have not been able to organise sufficient staff numbers for street outreach. We have hosted up to fourteen people each Saturday night and given out hot drinks, food and provided a safe space for […]